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עובד מחבר פנל סולארי לתשתית

Stages of setting up a solar project

Roof inspection and production potential:


In terms of solar-relevant roofs

Checking electrical infrastructure

Construction test.

Estimates of future investments

Regulatory compliance

Project Initiation

System size characterization as a function of collective consumption profile and production

Calculate the best system size

Calculate and present the business potential for management with consideration

In future scenarios







Preparing a document detailing the terms of the suppliers' bid for the overall project

Procedures and conditions

technical specs.

Work content.


Schedule the relevant vendors for a tour of the site

Collecting the analysis of proposals submitted by the suppliers for a comparative document

Editing "Supplier Day" which includes final bidding

A vendor recommendation is selected

A decision on a provider is chosen

EPC Closing Front.

Accompanying the negotiating stage between the entrepreneur and the establishment supplier

Submitting a work plan and accurate specifications

Pricing and negotiating the work plan are accurate


Accompanying the preparation of a contractual agreement between the relevant authority and the project provider

Characterization of contracts in cooperation with a lawyer

Appendix Review

Sign with the selected supplier




Execution of:


Licensing - obtaining permits from the Planning and Construction Committee and the media authorities

Accompaniment and control of the selected supplier for system design and obtaining approvals from the local planning and construction committee

Accompanying the registration process with the Electric Company and the Electricity Authority until receiving a cover

Control of the preparation of the application file by the supplier and its adaptation to the collective electricity company

Establishment of the project

Monitoring the schedules

Ensure compliance with technical specifications

Payment control and compliance with milestones

Supervision of construction work

Monitoring and securing system performance as defined and signed in agreements with the contracting contractor

Monitoring and guaranteeing the warranty, service and system maintenance

Monitoring and monitoring of the system

Regulatory regulation


the system operates and generates electricity

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