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Guide of buying electric vehicle

We have put together a guide for you to buy a used electric vehicle with the important things to look at


  •  Range 

When buying an electric vehicle, the range is probably the most important factor, the range that the manufacturer declares in accordance with the European WLTP standard, which stands for-

(Global standardization process for light vehicles carried out in the laboratory)

 Small in reality and this depends on many variables such as driving style, weather, vehicle condition, tires and more, it is recommended to reduce it by  ~20% to reach the realistic range, and then the manufacturer's recommendation for daily charging.

 For example:

Manufacturer X recommends charging up to 90% and not below 20%

and declares that his vehicle travels 520 km according to the WLTP standard 520x0.8=416


That means on a daily basis (between 90% and 20%) you will have +- 290 km and if you want to use the battery to the end then 416 km.

Of course, the above calculation can change depending on the condition of the current vehicle, the weather, and more, and the information is based on surveys and tests carried out in the "Flagshock - second-hand car sales" group that was opened by Cohen Shai and Sons Electrical Engineering several years ago with the aim of promoting public transportation in our country and reducing The emission of pollutants and thus global warming.


  • warrenty

It is important to see what the warranty is on the vehicle assemblies as it is an electric vehicle, the batteries are usually the most expensive part of the vehicle,

Of course, the other parts are no less important, since we are talking about a used car, you can check whether it is possible to extend the warranty for the battery if you are close to getting out of the warranty for peace of mind.


  •  battery

It is important to check the efficiency of the battery - the more cycles it goes through, the more its efficiency decreases, of course the decrease in efficiency will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, what will result from this is a decrease in the performance of the vehicle and its driving range. It can be compared to a mobile phone device as long as you use the device for a long time and a lot

You will need to charge more frequently,

From the point of view of the buyer, the battery life can be checked on the vehicle's screen, it should be noted that the battery life that appears is not necessarily the actual state of the battery, but rather a forecast that is shown to the driver through the engine management computer, which is based on data monitored in a disguised period of time and sometimes monitored in real time, but not necessarily accurate.


  •  Treatments

Most manufacturers require minor treatments such as checking the electrical systems, brake pads from time to time and changing fluids (for the brakes and cooling systems and sometimes for the gearbox depending on the manufacturer and also most vehicles with an electric motor connected to a gearbox like in an internal combustion vehicle)

In an electric vehicle, the maintenance history is an important indication of the condition of the vehicle and the nature of driving it, an aggressive driver will change pads more frequently than an average driver because an electric vehicle has reactive braking which largely converts the energy from kinetic to electric with the help of reverse operation of the electric motor (generator), which will inevitably reduce the use of pads And only aggressive pressing will engage the brake pads.


  •  Insurance background check

This applies to any vehicle whatsoever! Before an actual test even at your institute/garage

It is recommended to ask the buyer to send you a report from the clearinghouse of the insurance companies, the report is the vehicle's ID from the moment it hit the road from an insurance point of view, i.e. if the vehicle was involved in any accidentand an insurance claim was filed  This will be indicated in the report, including the amount that it cost to repair the vehicle, (regardless of who is to blame for the accident) if it is a luxury vehicle, the amount will probably be high for replacing a tampon (an example of a plastic car part), but it is not a significant percentage of the vehicle's value if the vehicle was involved In a significant accident and the insurance has been activated, this will be indicated on the report

(It should be noted that there are exceptions and if, for example, a dealer bought a car that had an accident and was not repaired through a friendA. The insurance does not necessarily indicate that it will be indicated in the settlement report), as of today, the report costs ten shekels and requires a credit card or a means of identification of the current vehicle owner (link is attached Down).


  •  charging

Here we are already talking about the initial purchase considerations even though they are here at the end, the lack of a slow charging station at home/at work for those who travel far reduces the viability because fast charging at a constant frequency will cause a rapid decrease in the usefulness of the battery and in addition will be very expensive to the point where it is not worthwhile, for those who have the option of installing A home charging station is recommended to consult with a professional regarding the installation of the station on a case-by-case basis, since the preparation of the infrastructure is different everywhere, such as the distance of the station from the main electrical cabinet, etc. It should be noted that you need to obtain an electrical inspector's permit in order to ensure the safety of the charging station and to avoid malfunctions and injuries that could be life-threatening without Choosing a professional licensed to practice electricity in the State of Israel.


  • In conclusion

If you are before purchasing an electric vehicle, it is recommended to join FlagShock on Facebook and search for second-hand vehicles or on other websitesTrent, it is also recommended to check the vehicle in a suitable place to make sure that a diagnostic device is connected and the data is correctly monitored

You are welcome to contact us for advice at any stage of installing a home charging station or even if you want to install a solar system in addition and not pay for the electricity to travel in the electric vehicle after the return of the investment.


  • The information provided through the website or the guide should not be considered as providing any kind of commitment and/or representation and/or providing legal services and/or creating an engineer-client relationship, whether expressly, implicitly or by virtue of any law, towards the user and/or any third parties, including representations and/or commitments regarding the quality, reliability, degree of accuracy, completeness and level of updating of the said information as well as its commercial use and/or its suitability for any specific purpose, and all, subject to the reservations of the provisions of any law that teaches otherwise.

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