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Feasibility survey

Carrying out feasibility surveys is a critical and mandatory part of the electric company when connecting the project to the grid



Our companies have many projects in Israel and abroad, from the founders of the first projects in Israel for energy production 


Connection to an electricity company

We specialize in opening a case for enlargement and connection to the Electric Company network, with a minimum of time and maximum success. 


giving advice

​Receiving professional advice in a project is critical to maximizing profits and this applies to every stage of the project starting from the diapers

 interested to generate electricity?

We at our company promise to provide professional advice based on years of experience in the field.

And even manage the procite with the aim of getting the applicant and contributing to a greener future.

among our clients

Connecting a project to an electricity company

Our company specializes in consulting and setting up projects for the production of renewable energy of all types - solar panels, gas turbines, wind turbines, natural gas, bio gas, energy storage 

Until the connection to the electric company according to the standards that exist today in the State of Israel, after decades in the field we specialize in solving and establishing projects with all the limitations, adhering to the schedule and working with the authorities

We wish you to take another step For energy production and creating a green and less polluting future 

Our company has at its disposal hundreds of projects, during the establishment of which we led the customers with an emphasis on the goal of maximizing profits, protecting and maintaining the customer

We will be happy to give advice, please leave details or call


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