Management of the process of establishing solar systems

The least recommended but common way,

You have received a number of quotes from various projects / contractors


  Offers, designs the system or offers a system depending on the type of panels, converters, tables and equipment he is comfortable working with, that has the equipment that may have been ordered and purchased, that has a good price for them.



The bids received are bids that need to be adjusted and clarified by the bidders in order to make comparisons between the bids and come to a conclusion about the price per kilowatt - this process will take time and will require sending each bidder precise technical settings for the various components of the system.


The most recommended and even less common way-


In order to perform a technical specification that includes all the system components in the various roofs, a programming test tour must be performed, examining the roof data, examining the electrical infrastructure required to connect to the existing electrical system, examining how to connect to the roof and highly recommended PVSYST for each roof. The annual output at which it is possible to charge the bidders and thus protect the investment


Bidders submit a quote in accordance with what is required in the plans, specifications and agreements


Bidders compete for the best price and the best equipment to be defined in the technical specifications in coordination with the customer on the customer's opinion


The customer has the ability to determine at this stage the income, coverage of expenses, setting fines for the Bible of non-compliance with targets, schedules, PR appendix, collateral, insurance already at this stage



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